Integrated technology services

is the cornerstone in building the business needed by the institutions internally, through the integrated solutions provided by information technology, and to sit on   … the requirements of institutions and building goals, through

  • Cloud services (Iaas, Pass, Saas).
  • Security solutions.
  • Business continuity and recovery services.
  • Infrastructure and systems services.
  • Hardware support services.
  • Customers, printers.
  • Sales and retail sales solutions.

Professional services

is the term through which we can provide the services consulting and visualization suitable for the work of the enterprise with high quality through a range of technically integrated solutions

  • Business solutions from start to finish including enterprise application systems and business support systems such as ERP, CRM, Middleware Integration, Portals, Content Management, Process Solutions, Business Intelligence, SIS, Facilities Management, Reliability Management, GIS and others.
  • System integration services, program management, project management, project management office and independent audit services
  • vertical services and solutions for industry (banking, manufacturing, oil, gas, telecommunications, government, public utilities, education, health care, insurance, security, small and medium enterprises)
  • Application Management Services (AMS, Operations Management, Managed Service Connections and Outsourcing).
  • Business consulting services and conversion solutions.
  • Education and training services (international and local / on site).

Networking solutions and services

Through our efforts in the digital transformation of all institutions and sectors, our role has been to help organizations build a system of information technology, which carries the nature of commercial flexibility to meet the needs of customers.

Communication systems

  • Structured cable systems
  • Communication shelters
  • Internal GSM Solutions
  • Power management systems

Power management systems

  • Energy audit and optimization using the self-learning system.
  • Backup Power Systems (Generators, DC Supply Systems, UPS … etc).
  • Green Energy Solutions.
  • Network strength and intelligent measurement (HW & SW, part of the smart campus).
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems.
  • DC Supply Systems.
  • Home Energy Management System


  • Network integration and deployment services
  • Network-managed services
  • High speed network
  • Internet things
  • Security solution
  • Security assessment and services
  • Transmission and optical network solutions
  • converged communications services
  • Video conference, digital signage, and IPTV
  • Mobility and wireless solutions
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Setting up data centers, power and cooling racks and smart communication solutions.
  • MEP works.
  • Testing and certification of data centers (availability of IT infrastructure (part of business continuity), medical examination, data center gap analysis
  • Application monitoring and control of data centers (DCIM, SCADA, BMS).
  • Data Centers Airflow Optimization (CFD, Smart Algorithm).
  • Maintenance and managed services for data centers and command centers
  • Audiovisual systems
  • E-learning solutions
  • Video Walls
  • Halls
  • Preparation of digital conference rooms
  • Display Systems
  • General address systems
Featured On
  • Self-learning system (automatic learning, automatic vision) applied to security and energy fields.
  • Integrated security systems (CCTV, Access Control) with video analysis.
  • Intrusion detection systems (fiber snaps, microwaves, buried cables …).
  • Intelligent buildings management and automation systems.
  • Smart City Solutions.
  • Safety Building Solution (Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting).
  • Hospital integration systems (HL7, RFID, call nurse …).
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition

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