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Artal Group

A leading group in the field of IT and Smart Solutions, we are not just a company, we have international partnerships in all areas of IT services and intelligent solutions, in addition to the excellence of our products and software, whether software is ready or on demand.

We understand business and how it works. Our team has sufficient experience to provide consulting and business solutions that suit customers in both the public and private sectors. We are driven by our passion to provide customers with leadership and effective solutions to solve problems related to everything you need in the IT field of software and equipment alike.

Our technical staff has the technical expertise in studying the company’s technical projects and providing advice in the selection of equipment, software, solutions and systems that suit the nature and needs of companies, able to create enabling goals that support enterprise-wide business and enterprise initiatives to help your organization.

In the Artal Group, the client finds all the solutions he needs in the field of information technology and the construction of special systems that enable him to manage his organization in the manner he aims at. We specialize in information security, supplying equipment according to standards and standards, building systems, consulting, Companies, networks and solutions).

Artal Group has been keen to be the agent of the largest companies in the field of information technology, and the conclusion of partnership agreements inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be able to reach our customers in all countries, and is well know competitive forces in this area, so we offer the best services and solutions integrated and quality High competitive price.

Why Artal Group


To rise to the level of the brand in information technology, through which we reach all institutions on the local and international level, and attract minds and adopt all ideas that seek to develop the field


Contribute to the establishment of a way to achieve digital transformation in all national institutions and sectors

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